There Are A Lot of Great Coaches Out There

and I’d Like to Tell You About One I Coached Last November, I had the opportunity to present at the USA Cycling Coaching Symposium in Colorado Springs.  Attended by hundreds of cycling coaches and many triathlon coaches too, it was an opportunity to share some of what I’d learned to enable coaches still trying to get their message out. Following … Read More

It’s that time of year again…

Swimmers & Triathletes!  It’s That Time of Year Again! Swim training from now through February is what separates the weekend warriors from the athletes!  You, my friend, are an athlete!  This past year of swim clinics (10/2018 – 5/19) made massive gains for our swimmers.  Check out this hysterical video from our final Spring Clinic – Be warned, sit down, … Read More

You Can Be Faster, More Efficient and Safer on the Bike With a Cycling Skills Lesson

Fast and fun descents, smooth shifting and accelerations up and over hills, tight corners with sprints out, these are the skills of experienced cyclists. Emergency stops at full speed, controlled skids, and navigating over road hazards and debris at speed, these are also the skill of experienced cyclists. The most common requests I receive each year from cyclists and triathletes … Read More

Perform Better!

With the Squat to Hamstring Stretch Last weekend I had the pleasure of once again attending the 3 Day Perform Better Summit in Providence, R.I.  This is three days of lecture and hands on training with some of the leading sports trainers, coaches, physical therapists and chiropractors.  These folks are all still learning and teaching, and I learn something new … Read More


I ONCE EARNED AN AWARD FOR “MOST LIKELY TO BE CHANGING IN THEIR CAR”.  It’s an old habit that came from my early years trail running in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado.  My boyfriend at the time, a skyrunner, told me to pack spare clothes for post run.  The ritual was as follows: Climb a 14er; Run the … Read More


Joe successfully completed his brutal multi-day riding tour of Umbria.  There were up to three segments per day with insane climbing.  The views and food were worth the hard work! Next up was the newly formed CT 70.3, formerly Quassy 70.3 where John, Rob, Ulrika, Stephen and Jacob all raced.  Three of them were first time 70.3 athletes, and for … Read More

Weekend Race Results!

It was an exciting weekend of racing for some of our athletes! Congrats to Paul Greenberg for the OVERALL win at New Jersey Devilman with more than a 3’30” lead over 2nd place!  Awesome job Paul on the heels of his 3rd place win at USAT Age Group Nationals – Standard Distance Duathlon. Paul once again thrived on a day of … Read More

Because it’s All About That Base…….

Welcome to Spring Training! Last Friday night, my evening started out with the Hall of Fame cyclist Lon Haldeman asking me and 42 other cyclists, “So how many of you have been riding 600 miles a week this winter?” Not a hand went up. He then followed up with, “Well, you’re about to this week, so listen up.” We were … Read More

What do you call a goal without a plan?

Here in New England, Daylight Savings Time has wreaked havoc on us this week, and many of us with a 6:45 AM sunrise workout have been plunged back into darkness for another few months.  But Spring is here, it’s less than 12 weeks ‘til June, and race season is just around the corner! Do you feel 12 weeks away from … Read More

“Is Your Butt Dead?”

What I Learned Being Hooked Up to a Biomechanical Analysis Machine As an athlete, have you heard this one yet?  Perhaps it was when someone performed a movement analysis with you, or when you had an injury after a long run or after a long ride.  Maybe you’ve been told you don’t have a correct foot strike or proper running … Read More