Joe successfully completed his brutal multi-day riding tour of Umbria.  There were up to three segments per day with insane climbing.  The views and food were worth the hard work! Next up was the newly formed CT 70.3, formerly Quassy 70.3 where John, Rob, Ulrika, Stephen and Jacob all raced.  Three of them were first time 70.3 athletes, and for … Read More

Weekend Race Results!

It was an exciting weekend of racing for some of our athletes! Congrats to Paul Greenberg for the OVERALL win at New Jersey Devilman with more than a 3’30” lead over 2nd place!  Awesome job Paul on the heels of his 3rd place win at USAT Age Group Nationals – Standard Distance Duathlon. Paul once again thrived on a day of … Read More

Because it’s All About That Base…….

Welcome to Spring Training! Last Friday night, my evening started out with the Hall of Fame cyclist Lon Haldeman asking me and 42 other cyclists, “So how many of you have been riding 600 miles a week this winter?” Not a hand went up. He then followed up with, “Well, you’re about to this week, so listen up.” We were … Read More

What do you call a goal without a plan?

Here in New England, Daylight Savings Time has wreaked havoc on us this week, and many of us with a 6:45 AM sunrise workout have been plunged back into darkness for another few months.  But Spring is here, it’s less than 12 weeks ‘til June, and race season is just around the corner! Do you feel 12 weeks away from … Read More

“Is Your Butt Dead?”

What I Learned Being Hooked Up to a Biomechanical Analysis Machine As an athlete, have you heard this one yet?  Perhaps it was when someone performed a movement analysis with you, or when you had an injury after a long run or after a long ride.  Maybe you’ve been told you don’t have a correct foot strike or proper running … Read More

On Training Through Grief

This month we lost my brother at age 53.  His death came as a shock as he kept bouncing back from illness. In a blink, my big brother that taught me how to ride a bike was gone. Grief and the grieving and healing process are unique to each person.  Some look to religion for comfort, others process through the … Read More

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

We are three weeks into January of 2019! If you’re like many people, you have a January ritual: set lofty New Year’s Resolutions (#NewYearNewMe), follow them for the first couple of days, then forget you ever made them.  It usually takes about 21 days for a new action to become habitual, so as of January 21st we’ve all had the … Read More

Relieving Travel and Back Pain: Moves You Can Use in Your Hotel Room for Relief

Travel whether for work or pleasure messes up our routines.  For most of us, even if frequent travelers, we will experience tightness, soreness or stiffness at some point.  Loading luggage into a car, driving to the airport, standing for check in, bag check or boarding, sitting in a fixed position for hours, and then the fun of getting where we’re … Read More

New York City Marathon – Coach Clare’s Notes

The New York City marathon is less than three weeks away. By now, runners have put in some solid months of training. Some of them are winging it and just adding long runs to their usual running fun. Others have followed detailed programs designed for them, or that they found on the internet or through a book, and they’ve diligently … Read More

There’s a Gold Mine in Your Notebook

The post-race report is one of your most important tools for nailing your next race. It documents everything that you need to have in your next race plan for your best chance of perfect race execution. The more comprehensive your post-race report is, the better.  It’s amazing when we can sit down and review our plan-to-actual, make adjustments, implement them, … Read More