“Is Your Butt Dead?”

What I Learned Being Hooked Up to a Biomechanical Analysis Machine

As an athlete, have you heard this one yet?  Perhaps it was when someone performed a movement analysis with you, or when you had an injury after a long run or after a long ride.  Maybe you’ve been told you don’t have a correct foot strike or proper running gait.  Regardless of our sport, if our butts or other muscles don’t work right, we aren’t going to perform as we’d like.  Even a change of running gait causes certain muscles to stop firing, as described in this humorous account in Runner’s World: Hibernating Heinies  https://www.runnersworld.com/advanced/a20812229/hibernating-heinies/ 

Recently I spent a few hours with Dr. Alex Svac of Greenwich Sports Medicine in his Run Analysis Lab in Greenwich, CT to figure out what might be off in my running gait.  Hooked up with ECGs and joint motion capture devices (biomechanical analysis) with real-time feedback technology, we learned EXACTLY what was going on, and you can too!  Not only did the analysis show me the force of muscle contractions, it also showed variances left to right and the same for joints like the important ankle after toe-off.

Over the past five to ten years Dead Butt has been a big topic of articles and many an athlete has heard something like; “You have weak glutes”, “You need to strengthen your posterior chain”, “Your muscles on your right side aren’t firing.”  All these can be true and are very common, however, what the heck does it mean, and what do you actually do to fix it?  Well, when your medical professional gives you the diagnosis and clears you to train, that’s where I come in.  Using their diagnosis and working with them in your rehab or prehab plan, we can put you back to right and get you moving with more mobility, stability and strength!

After your Run Gait Analysis Session, you will understand why you’re feeling pain, or what you can do to be a faster runner.  Dr. Svac’s expert analysis will give you concrete exercises you can use starting immediately.  When you know these, you can work on improving your movement. 

Understanding what’s happening in your body, and exactly what you need to work on is so empowering!

Dr. Svac also analyzes cyclists, weight lifters, ball sport athletes and such as he can set up the monitors in a multitude of configurations. 

Please feel free to reach out to me hereheadcoach@clarezechercoaching.com   or to Dr. Alex Svac directly here: asvac@greenwichsportsmedicine.com   

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