The Top 5 Mistakes First-Time 70.3 Athletes Make

1. Putting their wrist wearable or chip over their wetsuit. Time and again watching swimmers coming out of the water, spectators see the athletes that have made this mistake because they get stuck in their wetsuits. The only way out is to pull the suit all the way back on, and if you’ve got wetsuit strippers yanking on the legs, it’s … Read More

Athlete Spotlight Double Feature!

2023 is simply turning out to be a fantastic race year so far for CZC Athletes! These two athletes started training back in 2022 to race the 2023 Ironman Lake Placid. Following are some tidbits of their races and a few key take aways for athletes looking to step up to their first Ironman, or those looking to become more … Read More

Welcome to Spring! Race Season is Here!  

The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 17th (Good Luck to Chris & Kathy!) and the bike racing season has already begun.  Kevin, Jeff, George & Paul all put in impressive races at the Natchaug Epic gravel race a few weeks ago, and both Kevin and I topped the podium at the Jungle Habitat Mountain Bike Race this past weekend. Tim … Read More

A Phenomenal Race Season for CZC Athletes!

Florida 70.3 – December (George, Kristen, Marietta, Sarah and Coach Clare)Wow, just WOW! I’m SO impressed by all the athletes and their racing and adventures this year. 2022 was really the come back year, and while some were sidelined by Covid, others managed to dodge it and race to tremendous success.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing performances … Read More

CZC Athletes Have Been Up to Some Really Cool Stuff!!

The 2022 Race Season has been INSANE! Athletes are back in action, races are finding their way in the new normal, and pent up energy is showing up in new PRs left and right.  With the work from home (WFH) schedules changing the training and recovery capacity for so many of my coached athletes,  we are all realizing new highs … Read More

Do You Need to Drop Fat in 2022?

A DEXA Scan could be the Secret To Your Success in 2022! DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry and it measures the amount of bone, muscle and fat in your body.  As endurance athletes we often focus on our body fat and muscular strength knowing that our power to weight ratios determine how fast we ride or run.  Where … Read More

Do you SKIMO?

If you haven’t heard of SKIMO, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.  It’s part masochism, part thrill seeking, and all the things endurance athletes love. To summarize simply, one skis UP a mountain, then one skis DOWN a mountain.  The challenge in the uphill is the part where cyclists and trail runners love to show their fitness, and the downhill is where skiers and thrill seekers … Read More

Crush Your Colonoscopy like an Ironman

5 Must-Do’s to Crush Your Colonoscopy Like an Ironman!! There are so many similarities between racing an iron distance race and having a colonoscopy, that it is surprising that we athletes are often horrified by the thought of the procedure and prep! We hear the horror stories and fear the unknown.  We don’t have a personalized training plan for a colonoscopy, … Read More

New Bike Day is The Best Day!

New Bike Day is Quite Possibly the Happiest Day of the Year! A new bicycle with shiny, glossy paint, gleaming handlebars, and light, crazy fast wheels, ahhh…..that new bike smell.  If you’re a cyclist, then you know that feeling!  Oh, the possibilities! Where will you ride it first? Will you be tentative and only do short rides? Or will you … Read More

The Pine Creek Challenge 50 Mile Trail Run – 2021 Edition

My First 50 Miler – Post Race Report – Coach Clare Zecher “You’re fine. This is fine. You’re Fine. This is fine. You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine.” This is what Courtney Dauwalter posted on what she kept saying to herself during her record breaking UTMB win this year when it got rough. “I Feel Good. I Feel … Read More