How 19 Athletes Overcame a Pandemic to Complete a CZC Triathlon!

On September 12th, 19 athletes finally had the chance to race.  With six months of lockdown and social distancing, races canceled and hopes dashed, CZC athletes were able to join in community to do what they do best.  To test themselves against the elements, their perceived limitations and themselves.  They came out victorious! Most of the triathletes opted for the … Read More

Running Drills to Make You a Stronger, Faster Runner

Most track practices start with a warm-up designed to facilitate the work runners will do during their session. Generally, the warm-up includes both running drills as well common exercises that get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated. In this video, I’m demonstrating some of these warm-up drills and exercises, and their progressions. Completing a dynamic warm up before your … Read More


I love to be outdoors, and more specifically in the woods or on a mountain. I wasn’t always this way.  While a comfortable tomboy growing up, it wasn’t until I followed through with a scholarship to Colorado that I experienced mountains and trails for the first time.  With a college group called Wilderness Pursuits and newly made mountaineering friends, I … Read More

It’s Never Fun to Fail, But It Is Often Useful

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt  Whether it’s your fault (you attacked the bike and blew up on the run in your brick), the … Read More

The Race Isn’t Over, There’s Simply a Detour!

There is no doubt about it, having your races and events taken away from you this year stinks.  Some are taking consolation that their events have been postponed to later in the season, or their registration has been rolled to next year, but for some CZC athletes, they’ve gone in a totally different direction. With the freedom of having your … Read More

Hey Swimmers, WhatSUP?!?!

SUP Your Way to Stronger, Faster Swimming! Pools are closed, lakes are closed, and the Long Island Sound is freezing! This week alone I’ve referred so many clients to swim tethers that I’m expecting fences all around New England to be brought down by ambitious swimmers.  We want to swim! With a wetsuit and inflatable SUP, you can still work … Read More

30 Seconds To Feeling Like You Have Control Again

Dealing with Pandemic Anxiety (or Race Day Jitters) Anxiety can take over without warning, and it can make you feel out of control. Your pulse quickens, your breathing gets shallow, and you start to feel like you need to move.  This is totally normal, as it is our body’s response to NOT GET EATEN! It’s a fantastic adaptation from back … Read More

Better, Faster Cycling Right Now!

Cycling Drills you can do right now to give you a leg up on your competition. It’s a little known fact that both pro/competitive cyclists and triathletes work drills to improve their cycling.  In fact, almost every Olympic or professional athlete you’ve ever heard of has most likely incorporated regular drill work to improve their performance.  Why shouldn’t you have … Read More

Coaching Videos For Your Body & Mind During The Pandemic & Beyond

You’ve asked and we are delivering!  Following are the links for three videos we’ve created just for you!  These videos were designed to enable you to feel good in your body while training, and to allow you to be present so you can have a chance to enter your “Flow” state on demand. Included are a Quick 5’ Pre-Workout Mobility … Read More

Run Pain Free (With a Little Support)

How many of us pledged that starting January 1st we’d recommit to our run training?  Whether runner, walker, triathlete, or other, some of us that started pounding the pavement after a holiday hiatus (or longer) found that our joints were aching. (Want to get right to the video? It’s right here: Enter Megan Seafross of Ridgefield Running Company (Voted … Read More