We’re 1/2 Way Through Race Season

And What a Season It Has Been! The season started off with a bang with the return to racing, and CZC Athletes have been out there crushing it! While we were all a little uncertain about what the return would look like, we’ve seen all sorts of iterations, and great achievements.  And we want to shout out to some seriously … Read More

CGMs – The Performance Device That Could Be Your Game Changer

First off, let me explain what a CGM device is.  CGM stands for Constant Glucose Monitor. These devices, and finger prick tests, have been used for years to test blood glucose.  People with Type 1 diabetes have been able to use them to avoid, or limit, painful finger prick tests, and now their application is available to us as athletes! … Read More

Let’s Get Ready To Run, L O N G!

What to Include NOW in your run training to be ready to crush your half marathon, marathon or ultra this summer. (Are you a Cyclist? CLICK HERE to go to your cycling Specific Spring Training Tips!) The Connecticut racing season is already heating up with in person road races, and if you check out the May race calendar on hitekracing.com … Read More

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

What to Include NOW in your cycling training to be ready for the 600k Challenge (not signed up yet? Click here!) (Runners CLICK HERE to go to your Run Specific Spring Training Tips!) We are one month away from the start of the CZC Spring Training 600K Challenge! For cyclists, this challenge includes either 6 x 100K or 6 x … Read More

It’s 10 Degrees Outside, and He’s Still Swimming!

“I’m toasty warm in my wetsuit, but I freeze when I run.”  This is what my coached athlete George Desmond, of John Desmond Builders, told me back in October when he was still swimming in the Long Island Sound. At that time, the water temperature was dropping down through the low 60s.  It’s now February, and he has swum through … Read More

2020 Gift Guide for Cyclists!

1) Brush Hero Pro – This is one item you or your rider doesn’t even know you need yet! Riding on wet or grimy days gunks up the drive train and it’s important to clean it while it’s wet. The brush hooks to a garden hose, and allows you to scrub away gunk as you go! $49.95 2) Bike Cleaning … Read More

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners!

1) A gift card to your runner’s favorite store – let them shop guilt free and get what they really want! $25 will allow them get some cool tech socks, running nutrition, or even some running lights to clip on. Add on and give them even more options.2) A super warm and fashionable CZC knit hat! Choose between a beanie … Read More

How 19 Athletes Overcame a Pandemic to Complete a CZC Triathlon!

On September 12th, 19 athletes finally had the chance to race.  With six months of lockdown and social distancing, races canceled and hopes dashed, CZC athletes were able to join in community to do what they do best.  To test themselves against the elements, their perceived limitations and themselves.  They came out victorious! Most of the triathletes opted for the … Read More

Running Drills to Make You a Stronger, Faster Runner

Most track practices start with a warm-up designed to facilitate the work runners will do during their session. Generally, the warm-up includes both running drills as well common exercises that get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated. In this video, I’m demonstrating some of these warm-up drills and exercises, and their progressions. Completing a dynamic warm up before your … Read More