How 19 Athletes Overcame a Pandemic to Complete a CZC Triathlon!

On September 12th, 19 athletes finally had the chance to race.  With six months of lockdown and social distancing, races canceled and hopes dashed, CZC athletes were able to join in community to do what they do best.  To test themselves against the elements, their perceived limitations and themselves.  They came out victorious!

Most of the triathletes opted for the ½ iron distance swim out into the Long Island sound in 4 foot waves and 9 mph winds.  Two chose the sprint distance.  With a solid SUP and dinghy support crew on the water, all achieved their goals in the water and made it back to shore safely.  Four athletes road the Olympic course, with another 14 choosing the half iron distance bike, and three of them had their fastest 90K PR to date!  And that’s with an open course and stopping for intersections. Impressive results and strong nutrition on this ride this day!  The run and party followed with athletes running from 5K to 18 miles before celebrating with a feast made for royalty.

Families and friends came to cheer on their athletes and to celebrate afterwards in socially distanced seating areas, with a collegial community atmosphere.  I am so thankful to my athletes for allowing me the honor of coaching them, for the many athletes and volunteers that stepped forward to help make this day happen, and for all involved for their enormous contributions to a most memorable and joyous day during a time of uncertainty.

Congratulations shout outs to Dr. Jason who completed his first Ironman, solo!
Congratulations to George on his first ½ iron distance triathlon ever!
And Congratulations to the many others who stepped up to new distances or made a grand re-entry to racing after extended times away.

You are amazing!

8 Comments on “How 19 Athletes Overcame a Pandemic to Complete a CZC Triathlon!”

  1. Nothing more inspiring than watching others compete and finish a race with smiles all round. So nice to see everyone out despite the pandemic. Well done Claire for organizing .

  2. Great work Clare and team members! All of you are inspirational motivators. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. This event was an incredibly fulfilling day for everyone. It meant the world to me to come together with all these athletes who were experiencing the same ups and downs of trying to train for a triathlon during 2020. Simply getting to the start line motivated and healthy is a feat in itself, and then crossing the finish line was the icing on the cake! Thank you Clare for making this magical day happen and for your constant guidance and wisdom!

    1. I’m so happy for you Krissy and it was an absolute joy to watch you achieve such success at the event. It was amazing to see your family out there too! It was truly a wonderful, community event! And you are so welcome!

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