Running Drills to Make You a Stronger, Faster Runner

Most track practices start with a warm-up designed to facilitate the work runners will do during their session.

Generally, the warm-up includes both running drills as well common exercises that get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated.

In this video, I’m demonstrating some of these warm-up drills and exercises, and their progressions.

Completing a dynamic warm up before your track workout or hard run is known to improve your performance, and also to reduce the chance of injury.  As always, you should check with your doctor before starting any new workout regime, including this one as running is a sport where approximately 90% of participants at some point in their career will be injured.

Take it slow, progress the exercises as you master them and become more fit, and you’ll be running stronger and faster in no time. 

I’ve compiled a playlist of all the running drills into one YouTube playlist, check it out below!