New Bike Day is The Best Day!

New Bike Day is Quite Possibly the Happiest Day of the Year!

A new bicycle with shiny, glossy paint, gleaming handlebars, and light, crazy fast wheels, ahhh…..that new bike smell.  If you’re a cyclist, then you know that feeling!  Oh, the possibilities!

Where will you ride it first? Will you be tentative and only do short rides? Or will you throw caution to the wind and ride as far as you can? Whether road, mountain, gravel, BMX or other type of bike, there’s nothing quite like the freedom and joy that comes with New Bike Day!

It’s even more exciting when adding a new bike to your life with dramatically change your ride capabilities.  A lighter, faster bike may allow you to keep up with a faster group of cyclists, or be more competitive in competition.  A lighter bike with better components may allow you to climb hills or a technical trail faster, or just get all the way to the top!

My new bike is going to be a game changer! It will change how I coach athletes in private bike lessons and on group rides.  I’m so excited to introduce you to my new bike!!!

Can you guess what kind of bike it is?

Well, let me introduce you……..

Won’t you come ride with us?