New Bike Day is The Best Day!

New Bike Day is Quite Possibly the Happiest Day of the Year!

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Where will you ride it first? Will you be tentative and only do short rides? Or will you throw caution to the wind and ride as far as you can? Whether road, mountain, gravel, BMX or other type of bike, there’s nothing quite like the freedom and joy that comes with New Bike Day!

It’s even more exciting when adding a new bike to your life with dramatically change your ride capabilities.  A lighter, faster bike may allow you to keep up with a faster group of cyclists, or be more competitive in competition.  A lighter bike with better components may allow you to climb hills or a technical trail faster, or just get all the way to the top!

My new bike is going to be a game changer! It will change how I coach athletes in private bike lessons and on group rides.  I’m so excited to introduce you to my new bike!!!

Can you guess what kind of bike it is?

Well, let me introduce you……..

Won’t you come ride with us?

4 Comments on “New Bike Day is The Best Day!”

  1. For those of us who are not training world class athletes, how do you see an e bike fitting into a regular exercise program?

    1. That’s a great question Matthew! There are really two great ways an e-bike can help an amateur cyclist. The first is that it can allow you train your body for longer periods of time, and also allow you to progress at a rate that you body can handle. For example, let’s say you can presently ride 20 miles on a rolling hill course, but you want to train for a 100K hilly course, or even a fast bike portion of an Olympic distance triathlon. The thing about the e-bike is that it can give you a small amount (or a large amount, or anywhere in between) assist on super steep hills, or later in the ride if you’re flagging. Pedal-assist E-Bikes, like the one in this post, are FULLY ADJUSTABLE. They even come with an App where you set ahead of time the level of assistance you’d like in the low/medium/high modes, and if that’s a static number, or if it’s a range. IE Low assist is whatever you want it to be so you could set that as 10% assistance, or 30% assistance, or you could set it from 10-30% depending on how hard you’re riding (it helps more when you pedal harder). There are always three settings on this bike, but you have control over the assistance. Note, this bike weights 27.5 lbs, unlike my 17 lb roadbike, so some level of assistance is needed to even out the base level riding. Overall, the bike handles beautifully, and during the ride you can punch a button on your handlebars or top tube to switch between low, medium, and high assistance. By extending your time on the bike when you’re building up your own endurance and muscle power, your shoulders and spine get to build up their endurance too, which is a much missed detail for most age group athletes.

      We will be doing a deep dive post next week on how E-Bikes can help both competitive and recreational athletes, and how they may even help improve your relationship with your partner! StayTuned!

  2. Congrats on your e-bike!!
    It’s super popular in Germany for a couple of years now. Helps people in all stages of life and fitness level.
    Enjoy your rides!

    1. Thank you Anja! That’s so great! They were everywhere in Colorado up in the mountain towns this summer too. Oh to live somewhere that we use bikes to travel around! There are SO many different kinds of e-bikes that yes, there’s one for almost everyone!!! See you soon! Cheers! Coach Clare

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