Sporti Swim Socks Review

Do your swim fins always cut up your toes or feet?  It’s so painful, and yet, our options have been to either wear dorky socks in our fins, lots of band-aids which come off and sink to the bottom of the pool (ew!), or go fin-less, which means a sometimes glacial pace during drills.

Alas! These little beauties found their way into my world last week.  My swim training partner, Linda, purchased these Sporti Latex Swim Socks and suggested I try them.  They are AWESOME!  They were surprisingly easy to slip on, they didn’t rip which I kept expecting with my ski size feet, and I could barely feel them while repeating our kick sets (which for some reason we believed we needed to do).  At about $3.99 a pair you really can’t not try them.  Save your feet, and spare us the band-aids floating on the bottom of the pool! Swim fast, and let us know what you think of them!


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