The Most Common Swimming Error

A common error we see while observing swimmers whether our coached athletes or those completing laps in the pool is the cross over. Many swimmers swim with their arms crossing over their mid-line under water causing them to lose speed, lose momentum, and to sink. This wastes so much energy and with some focus, we often can correct this error. … Read More

Setting Up for Your Best Raceday Performance

You’ve put in the miles, (T.O.S.) time on seat, as many of us like to say, and you are ready for your event.  Well, as ready as you’re going to be.  Assuming that you know your nutrition plan, are relatively rested, and have done your T.O.S. then all you can do is rest up and make sure you’re ready to … Read More

Sporti Swim Socks Review

Do your swim fins always cut up your toes or feet?  It’s so painful, and yet, our options have been to either wear dorky socks in our fins, lots of band-aids which come off and sink to the bottom of the pool (ew!), or go fin-less, which means a sometimes glacial pace during drills. Alas! These little beauties found their … Read More

How to run faster in your next race with only 20’ of effort! The Pre-Race Facilitation and what Wayne Gretzky says about racing…..

Seasoned athletes and elites all know that a pre-race facilitation (fancy word for a race specific warm up) can make all the distance in achieving your goal time or pace on race day. The pre-race facilitation is so important because it does so many things. A proper warm up facilitates faster muscle contraction and relaxation, it lowers the viscosity of … Read More

Meet Me at the Slowtwitch Roadshow!

The Slowtwitch Roadshow is Coming THIS Saturday at Pacific Cycling & Triathlon! (4/29) 984 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905 Slowtwitch Road Show Pacific Cycling and Triathlon Schedule of Events: Saturday April 29, 2017 * Parking may be limited on site, please park at the CVS or the Old Mrs. Greens/EMS 7:00 AM: Meet for at Pacific for a group … Read More

Spring Cycling Programs

Exciting News!  Spring has Sprung, or at least it feels like it has with the sudden warm days.  Surely Mother Nature will chill us out again, but in the mean time let’s ride! We are SO excited about for Spring 2017 line up of Cycling Programs for Youth and Adult!  Following is a brief tid-bit on each program. We are … Read More


My PBP by Clare Zecher Where to begin…. Well first, let me put in this disclaimer. This report is written by an athlete, an ultra endurance one at that, and it is written first and foremost for my fellow ultra endurance athletes, and for those aspiring to be ones. Now a marathon runner or century cyclist is certainly an endurance … Read More

Ladies Strength and Conditioning

NEW! FITNESS CLASS THIS FALL/WINTER Join us for a fantastic strength and conditioning class this fall/winter. This program is run by  Clare Zecher.  Clare is a Certified Personal Trainer with ACSM “the Gold Standard” and a Certified Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting, and competes with Team Connecticut.  A rigorous program designed to shape you up during the winter months. … Read More

Group Track Practices: Wednesday AMs 5:45 Start

Group Track Practice 5:45 AM @ Greenwich High School Track Wednesday 5:30AM (meet at Starbucks next to Whole Foods) to run down together if driving (Please email to register)