Friday AM Swim Practices Are BACK!

Swimmers & Triathletes! It’s That Time of Year Again! Swim training from now through February is what separates the weekend warriors from the athletes on race day! You, my friend, are an athlete!

These workouts will be geared so that each athlete has individual attention, video taping, and a specific focus for each practice. Athletes may expect to improve their stroke and speed, and to feel both empowered and educated about what to do.

Session will run October 4th through December 13th.

1 Hour Private Lesson available from 7-8 AM after the session.

Use the contact form below to sign up, or send me an email at

The cost for the session is $350
CZC Coached athletes receive a 20% discount.
Pacific SBR Multisport team members receive a 10% discount.
These discounts cannot be combined.

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