Hey Swimmers, WhatSUP?!?!

SUP Your Way to Stronger, Faster Swimming!

Pools are closed, lakes are closed, and the Long Island Sound is freezing! This week alone I’ve referred so many clients to swim tethers that I’m expecting fences all around New England to be brought down by ambitious swimmers. 

We want to swim! With a wetsuit and inflatable SUP, you can still work your swim stroke on the water without having to freeze!  The video below will show you the drills and work you can do on your paddle board so you’re ready when we can finally swim again.  

Just as my athletes in Oklahoma who got to swim in lakes this week said, “Your shoulders will be so tired!” You will be able to mimic your swim stroke and strengthen your lats, back and shoulders so that when you do get to swim, your stroke form will be better, and your muscles will be ready!  This is the closest thing we can get to actual swimming, so let’s go see WhatSUP!

If you’d like to learn more about these or other drills you can do on a SUP board, or how to inflate, set up, and use an inflatable SUP, please email me here: headcoach@clarezechercoaching.com