Featured Athlete: Shannon

shannonbikingShannon was a beginner athlete with a little bit of experience in sprint triathlons, but was looking to take her training to the next level with Coach Clare.

Why did you hire Coach Clare for your event?

I had only done two sprint triathalons with generic online plans of what to do. I had another coaching experience that was difficult because I felt like the coach didn't know me or understand that I was a true beginner so she used difficult training lingo and a training program that didn't fit with my schedule. I had used training peaks before and noticed the coach match feature. I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a coach and what my experience was. They matched me with Coach Clare. She gave a preliminary call and explained her coaching style and expectations of the trainee to see if we were going to be compatible. Her enthusiasm, super positive manner and approachability were evident in the first few minutes of the phone call. By the end of the call I knew it was a good match. We made a time for a face to face and she sent me a very detailed questionnaire to fill out prior to meeting to further get to know me, my training level and ability and availability.


What was your race, and what was your race experience like?

Tell us a little about your event. It was a sprint triathalon in Montauk, LI. The Mighty Montauk 750m swim in open water, 17km cycle and 5K run. It was October, cold and rainy. I was confident based on my coaching and practice that I would do well but was unnerved by my first "inclement weather" event. I was properly fueled per Coach Clare and ready to roll. I had an excellent result and despite the weather, felt fantastic about my race. I over thought some of the results and Coach Clare helped me focus on the results and dissect them in a constructive manner so I can make new goals for the next season.

How do you feel the coaching enabled you to achieve your goals?

There is no way I would be at a 8:48/mile after two previous legs of a tri without Clare... I am a more confident cyclist and certainly a more efficient swimmer with better form. The entire program really built week to week to focus on certain weaknesses or goals that Clare had noted from analyzing the previous workouts. Her insight and communication throughout the process was outstanding. I always had access for questions or concerns.

What's one thing you'd say about Coach Clare's coaching?

Outstanding. Individually athlete centered and focused. You will have no option but to improve with measurable results!!

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