Coaching Videos For Your Body & Mind During The Pandemic & Beyond

You’ve asked and we are delivering!  Following are the links for three videos we’ve created just for you!  These videos were designed to enable you to feel good in your body while training, and to allow you to be present so you can have a chance to enter your “Flow” state on demand. Included are a Quick 5’ Pre-Workout Mobility Routine, a 5’ Morning Body Reset, and the Milk Jug Strength Workout.

Quick 5′ Pre-Workout Mobility Routine

The Quick 5’ Pre-Workout Mobility Routine is designed to mobilize your joints and prepare your muscles for the workout to come.  Starting out stiff on the bike or on the run and slowly warming up is one way to get going, but science has proven that mobility work before starting your workout yields more productive results sooner.  Try the 5’ Pre-Workout Mobility Routine, it just may take 5’ off your next race time! 

5′ Morning Body Reset

The 5’ Morning Body Reset feels so good AND you get to drink coffee! Waking up a lot of us have sore muscles and unfortunately sore joints.  This 5’ gentle reset allows your body to slowly wake itself up mobilizing the joints, and it prepares you to transition to your day. It can also be done as a bedtime relaxation exercise.  When you first wake up, slide down to the floor and give this a go, you’ll be surprised at both how easy it is and how good your body feels.  Athletes constantly tell me how much better they feel after incorporating it daily into their routines. 

Milk Jug Strength Workout

And FINALLY, the Milk Jug Strength Workout! This is a full body 10 Minute workout (yes, full body and only 10 minutes) that you can do with a pair of gallon jugs.  Each jug weighs about 7 ½ pounds, so this is a great supplement to body weight training! For those of you that really want to get after it, complete the workout 3 times, yup, that’s 3 sets of the 10’ Workout for an incredible strength session.  I do all the reps with you so you don’t have to count, let’s do this!

We have tons more videos in production coming to you soon.  If you have any requests, then please email us here at: headcoach@clarezechercoachingcom


Coach Clare