Cue the Fireworks, Happy July 4th! Coach Clare’s YouTube Channel is up and ready for you to use!

I’m so excited to announce that the initial videos from our Emmy winning Producer, Marcia Reinauer, are up and ready for you to use!  We’ve already had a bunch of folks trying out the videos, and I’m thrilled to report that the word is the videos are really enabling people to keep up their routines while on vacation, or when at the gym and needing guidance.

If you’ve worked with me in the gym before, then you know I’m a stickler for form.  Since I’ve dedicated my education to finding the best methods for developing resilient athletes while also working hand in hand with physical therapists, I’ve learned that correct form is an absolute essential.  Remember, rehab is prehab.  In other words, even after injury, to avoid another injury, you must keep up all the great work you did with your physical therapist. This group of exercises contains a lot of common rehab exercises, but more importantly, these are exercises almost anyone can do and that many athletes should be doing regularly.  The cueing is definitive and you will understand exactly what to do.

I’ve selected two of my most popular videos for you to try out.  The first is the single exercise Toe Touch, and the second video is actually a playlist of videos that lasts 14 minutes called Hip Mobility.  This playlist has had rave reviews, and many have said they do it everyday and feel amazing afterwards.  How awesome is that, for only a 14 minute investment?

Who Benefits From the Toe Touch?

Office workers that are tight in their lower back or that have tight hamstrings may benefit from this delicious exercise.  The Toe Touch on its face looks super basic, but listen through the cues on the first ten reps and you’ll learn what to focus on it to maximize your effectiveness.  While one might not think that touching your toes is important, it’s one of those things that will enable you to keep feeling young, and will allow you to participate in your sports.

Wake up your body and get rid of the stiff joints and muscles with this Amazing Hip Mobility Video!

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Another Gift To You!

We’d love to hear what you think about the channel!  Three lucky winners that respond with what they love about the channel will get a complimentary consultation call after subscribing to the channel!  Just email us to let us know at:

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