This holiday season, blame the coach!

It’s that crazy time of the year when we are all stressed about work deadlines, getting our holiday gifts, too many holiday parties, and way too much family time.  In honor of the craziness of the season, here are a few of the best excuses I’ve recently heard to help you get out of a few sticky holiday situations.

The guests that come visit and then won’t leave!  “Oh Carol, I’m so sorry, little Bobby came home with head lice today. We have to strip the whole house. I put your bags out front.”

The guests who mooch all your good booze!  “We’ll see you guys Friday night, and we wanted to mention, Jim’s doctor recommended no alcohol for thirty days for his blood sugar, so we’ll all be abstaining for the evening.”

The friends who insist, just absolutely insist, that you agree to come to their party!

  • “There are absolutely NO Ubers right now, it’s like 10x surge pricing, and you don’t want us to drive home tipsy.”
  • “Uh, my date/wife/spouse/driver just tripped and sprained their ankle. We have to go to Urgent Care, but we’ll keep you posted.”
  • “I’m so embarrassed, but we seem to have contracted Montezuma’s revenge and you certainly don’t want us sharing that.”
  • “We just went to get in the car and have a flat tire. We’ve called AAA.”
  • “Oh no! We had you down for tomorrow night.  I’m so embarrassed!”

Do you have some ideas to share? We’d love to hear them!  Please send a note and we’ll add them to the list!

And remember, you can ALWAYS blame me. “Oh man I have to head home, I’m meeting my Coach at 5 AM tomorrow for training!”

Happy Holidays!

Need some quick holiday cheer?  Check out this clip from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

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