Better, Faster Cycling Right Now!

Cycling Drills you can do right now to give you a leg up on your competition.

It’s a little known fact that both pro/competitive cyclists and triathletes work drills to improve their cycling.  In fact, almost every Olympic or professional athlete you’ve ever heard of has most likely incorporated regular drill work to improve their performance. 

Why shouldn’t you have access to some of these same drills?  Now you do!  We cover lots of fun and challenging drills in our group skills clinics, but these are drills you can do right now to be a faster, more efficient rider. 

In addition, we’re including a guide to how to set up a kids bike for their success in riding from 4-8 years old, and from ages 9 through 12. It’s not like it was when we grew up, so see what’s changed and riding will be just as fun for them as it is for us.

I challenge you to work these drills and see if you can master the ½ Flying Superman in the Advanced Drills in your drops.  Are you brave enough?

There are 8 videos in the playlist, or you can watch them individually via the links below!

  1. Start Here: Bike Drills Introduction & Figure 8’s
  2. Bike Drills: Tight Circles
  3. Bike Drills: Advanced (1/2 Superman)
  4. Bike Drills: Tip for Faster Cycling!
  5. Bike Drills: Be Connected with Your Bike!
  6. Guide to Kids Ages 4-6 Years Bikes
  7. Bike How-To’s for Kids Ages 8 and Up Bikes for Off-Road Success
  8. Message to Cyclists

And as always, Just Get On Your Bike And Ride!

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Just Keep Pedaling!
Coach Clare